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Simultaneously infuse hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and anti-oxidants to the deeper layers of the skin via cooling, calming topical hyperbaric oxygen resulting in immediate and age defying results. Re-hydrated, plumped up skin in less than an hour has garnered some of Hollywood's most famous & beautiful devotees. Recommended in a series and perfect before a big event. Each Oxygen Infusion Facial begins with facial skin analysis, cleansing,  and light exfoliation to prep the skin for treatment.
Rejuvenate Infusion
Cooling, calming oxygen under light pressure is applied directly to the skin’s surface, increasing the absorption of the Rejuvenate Serum. Your skin will emerge deeply hydrated, youthful and glowing with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and a visible lift. Safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive or stressed skin. Results are instant and continue to improve in the following days.
Rejuvenate Oxygen treatment 40min. $150

Opulence Infusion
Super concentrated Vitamin C and natural plant extracts safely and naturally treat the cause of uneven skin tone, while revealing newfound luminosity and radiance. Your skin will emerge deeply hydrated, balanced and glowing with health and vitality. Results are not only instant but continue to improve in the following days.
Opulence Oxygen treatment 40min $150

Atoxelene Infusion
The Atoxelene Serum is designed specifically to refine the forehead, soften eye contour and immediately plump and smooth the lips. The natural amino peptide Argireline significantly targets expression lines and increase skin firmness. Skin looks instantly smoother and feels tighter and firmer.  Atoxelene Infusion can beAn add-on to the Rejuvenate, Opulence, Clarity, Ultimate InfusionTreatments.
Atoxelene Oxygen treatment 30min $120

Clarity Infusion
Clarity (Acne) Infusion treatment is a unique experience providing instant results you can see.  Impurities and inflammation are banished leaving an antibacterial environment for calm clear skin.
 In just one treatment, your skin will emerge hydrated, clarified, calm, balanced, and glowing with health and vitality.
 Acne is dimished and pore aggravating bacteria is minimised while oil free nourishers ensure moisture balance is maintained to help prevent future breakouts.
A series of 6 weekly or bi-weekly treatments are recommended
Clarity Oxygen treatment 50min . $120
Best  Add-ons :Microderm./ Opulence Infusion $30 each

 ULTIMATE Vitamin C+3 BOOSTER Infusion
This is the "IT" treatment that everyone is buzzing about.  
Helps smooth, strengthen, and protect healthy skin with 3 synergistic forms of Vitamin C to benefit all skin types but especially skin with signs of premature aging, irregular tone and sun damage.
Focuses on:
- Fights free radical damage and provides photo-protection 
- Brightens and improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation. 
- Provides a key co-factor in collagen synthesis for improved skin texture.
Ultimate Infusion Vitamin C+3 BOOSTER treatment 40min. $130

The Rejuvenate infusion plus the addition of a COLLAGEN BOOSTER. The Ultimate Treatment dramatically 
Provides a potent cocktail of collagen messenger peptides to promote skin renewal and rejuvenation and helps to restore volume and tightness to skin that has lost its elasticity, tone and density.
Focuses on:
Instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with a visible lifting and tightening effect. 
- Deeply hydrates skin and visibly improves the appearance of skin volume and texture.
- Helps enhance skin density and promote firmer, tighter looking skin.
Ultimate COLLAGEN BOOSTER Infusion 40min. $130

Clarifies and refines the appearance of skin prone to blemishes, visible pores, sun damage, uneven texture or deep wrinkles. A new “release on demand” form of Vitamin A increases potency, enhances product stability and reduces irritation.
Focuses on:
- Clarifies and brightens congested skin.
- Softens and smoothes rough skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
- Improves the appearance of visible pores and blemish-prone skin.
Ultimate VITAMIN-A BOOSTER Infusion 40min. $130

Revitalises and balances dull, stressed skin with exceptionally powerful natural antioxidants sourced from the Australian Rainforest. It addresses visible puffi ness and dark circles around the eye area, making it perfect for tired or travel-weary skin.
Focuses on:
Acts like a “detox” for the skin
- Improves the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. 
- Reveals a younger looking, more even complexion.
Ultimate ANTIOXIDANT BOOSTER Infusion 40min.. $130

The results of the Intraceuticals Infusion Treatments are cumulative and vary, series of 6 weekly treatments is recommended and continue to improve skin with repeated applications, followed with regular skincare at home. 
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